Exploring Your Options

Selecting your wedding venue and obtaining necessary permits is the most time sensitive aspect of your beach wedding. Rules, regulations, permits. It’s a lot. Don’t worry. We are here to help. Take a look at our most popular beach wedding locations. While the list covers many beaches, it isn’t all inclusive. If you have your heart set on a beach that isn’t on the list, send us an email and we will get back with you!

Venue Max Guest Count Packages Available Permit Required Starting Permit Fees
Malibu 100 All Yes $300+
Will Rogers 100 All Yes $300+
Santa Monica 100 All No N/A
Corona Del Mar 20 Elopement Only No N/A
Crystal Cove 100 All Yes $600+
Laguna Beach 50 or 95 Elopement Only No Setup Yes $326+
Salt Creek Beach 100 All Yes $375+
San Clemente 50 Elopement & Intimate Affair Yes if guests >20 or setup $110+
Swami’s 10 Elopement Only No N/A
La Jolla 100 All Yes if guests >20 or setup $174
Sunset Cliffs 50 Elopement & Intimate Affair Yes $174
*NOTE: Additional terms and limitations apply. Permit pricing, rules and regulations are subject to change. Guest count limitations are based on our packages. Some municipalities require the couple to obtain the permit directly. Contact us for more information.